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Frightfully Friendly Ghosties

Four-book series. The first three novels are also available in one volume.

In the first Frightfully Friendly Ghosties novel, poor Pamela Fraidy keeps getting locked in the attic with a leggy spider. Can her polite phantom friends rescue her? This book is followed by Ghostly Holler-Day, School of Meanies and Phantom Pirates.

Illustrated by the amazing David Roberts.
A sweetly bizarre tale about cooperation and friendship that should enchant ghoulish children of seven and above. This is a joyously inventive book that turns conventions on their heads.
Literary Review

Another comical gem from Nestlé Gold Award winning author Daren King. The mishaps caused by the frightfully friendly and painstakingly polite ghosties will have children shaking... with laughter. Don’t wait until Hallowe’en to read this ghost story!
TLC Teacher Reader Magazine

This fantastically quirky adventure is the first book in a new series by Nestlé Gold award-winning author Daren King and I’d recommend it for confident new readers.
Waterstones Books Quarterly

We love Daren King here at the Bookbag. The simple plot is a perfect hook for the quirky characters and their daft ideas to hang on. The numbering scheme for the ghosties’ three rules, in particular, is just pure genius! It’s silly, it’s charming, it’s a joy to read. It’s the sort of book that you’ll want to dig out again when you’re not sure what else to read.

This hilarious story of crazy mix-ups and misunderstandings is perfect for children who like their books with classic characters and lively illustrations. The brilliant one-liners really had me chuckling and are bound to entertain.
Razma Reads

Children will enjoy the clever plot and humorous illustrations.
Family Interest Magazine

This is a delightful, really very funny story for younger readers. The story is well-told, witty and eccentric, and David Roberts’ fantastic pictures just bring out the best in it – a perfect match. Book of the Week.
The Ultimate Book Guide

The thoughtless ‘still-alives’ keep interrupting the lives of the charmingly quirky ghosts in the latest book from Nestlé Gold Award-winning author Daren King. The Frightfully Friendly Ghosties do their best to get along with the people who share their home, but they can’t all pass through walls and when poor Pamela Fraidy gets locked in the attic with a leggy spider, they must call in a professional ghoul to exorcise the still-alives. I loved all the ghosties’ beautifully sketched characteristics, and the sensitive way in which King’s story helps children to understand fear: a ‘wibbly feeling’ in the tummy.
The Telegraph
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