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Sensible Hare
and the Case of Carrots

My second children’s novel is about a hare detective on the trail of a missing suitcase of carrots. Illustrated by the amazing David Roberts. Published in the US by Penguin.
Sensible Hare is a detective. He has untidy ears and floppy feet – but in his sleuthing imagination, his ears are tidy and his feet are as fast as kung fu. He works from an office that used to be a hat shop and ghostly hats gather on the ceiling. I loved everything about this little book – the trippy surrealism, the jokes, the sweet friendships, the vital, energetic illustrations. I can’t recommend it highly enough – whether you’re three or thirty, five or fifty, eight or eighty.
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Daren King, along with David Roberts’ entertaining illustrations, delivers another inviting chapter book sure to delight.
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This writer’s previous book Mouse Noses on Toast was awarded a Nestlé Gold. The absurdity is both wryly, knowingly amusing and laugh-out-loud uproarious. Poker-playing villains, a helpful assistant, disguises and chases crop up as Hare’s dedication to the wonders of carrots drives his relentless pursuit. With the quirky drawings of David Roberts to add to the fun it is all really exciting stuff.
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From left to right:
~Faber & Faber 2006 UK hardback and Faber & Faber 2007 UK paperback
~Penguin 2008 US hardback